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Oil is the most highly traded commodity, which typically means it’s a liquid market – although issues such as storage shortages have been known to lead to liquidity risk when no one is willing to buy the commodity. This pair is without a doubt the most liquid in the forex market. Some brokers offer as low as 0 spreads on this because of the high market activities and the volume traded. As we’ve explained, forex brokers fall under tier-2 liquidity providers. Tier-1 LPs consist of large investment corporations and commercial banks. Brokers connect to the Electronic Communications Network of banks and other market-makers through them.

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While a dealer is a commonly used term for someone who provides such transaction immediacy services in the financial markets, terms such as principal, financial intermediary, and broker are also used. If there are only a few market participants, trading infrequently then liquidity is considered to be “low”. A liquid market environment like forex enables huge trading volumes to happen with very little effect on the price, or price action. One important thing to note about the forex market is that while commercial and financial transactions are part of the trading volume, most currency trading is based on speculation.

After all, it’s our job as traders to capitalize on opportunities in the market by calling the market’s direction and catching a trade that moves in our favor in order to profit off of it. A primary example of liquidity risk in the forex market is the Swiss Franc crisis in 2015. The Swiss central bank announced they would no longer be preserving the Swiss Franc peg against the Euro causing the interbank market to become broken due to an inability to price the market. As interbank pricing returned, EUR/CHF prices were far from the previous range.

It allows you to understand and view current liquidity and liquidity in previous sessions, in real time. Higher liquidity usually means better spreads as more transactions are being made. The liquidity calculation takes into account many brokers and top 10 traded currencies to calculate the liquidity per each minute for the last 48 hours. You can use the chart zoom in feature to zoom/select a custom timeframe and have the liquidity automatically calculated. The average liquidity of the past 24 hours is used as a 100% liquidity basis for percentage calculation . For example, a 110% reading will tell you that the current liquidity is 10% above the last 24 hours average liquidity.

Most of them partner with only one tier-1 LP, but others deal with multiple. They use ECN or STP(Straight-Through-Processing) networks to execute trades placed by their customers. Their partnered Liquidity Providers give them access to these networks for specified fees and commissions. Breakout liquidity voids happen when the price breaks out of support, resistance, or a liquidity zone.

How to use liquidity in trading

Without getting too into the nuances of this type of, this type can be grabbed and used as a liquidity trap to aid them in building or off-loading a position in the market. For a summarized account of the most important developments shaping this $5 trillion-a-day market, read more on the history of forex. The charts below depict the difference in the liquidity between the equity market and the forex market, as highlighted by gapping. Current Assets is an account on a balance sheet that represents the value of all assets that could be converted into cash within one year.

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EURUSD is one of the most liquid currency pairs and thereby we can see an almost ideally smooth price movement on the chart in spite of a small time frame. The smoother the price action, the more liquid is the forex trading. Also, the buying and selling of the currency pair are less chaotic.

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Anyway, nobody is protected against unexpected spikes in volatilities. This is why you shouldn’t trust the market that appears to be a quiet and low liquid one at first sight – looks can be deceiving. High liquidity offers much more benefits making the market more suitable for technical analysis. The highly liquid market is also the strong market, where both opposite parties have almost equal powers, and one major player cannot have a strong impact on price movement.

They participate in both the buy and sell sides of FX transactions as professional market makers. These companies trade in high numbers and are referred to as the major players. Liquidity providers include investment companies, commercial banks, and occasionally sizable brokerage organizations. There is one indispensable factor in the world of forex trading that ensures the successful completion of transactions. Greater liquidity means transactions flow easily, and prices remain competitive.

  • ATFX added that it will continue being a pacesetter in the Forex and CFDs industry, constantly evolving based on the strong global presence we have created with our talent system, products and services.
  • Oil is the most highly traded commodity, which typically means it’s a liquid market – although issues such as storage shortages have been known to lead to liquidity risk when no one is willing to buy the commodity.
  • However, the liquidity strength of the financial institution one is trading with needs to be considered.

Access to limited partnerships opens up a wide range of markets, including those for commodities, equities, bonds, and currencies. In order to trade a variety of instruments, traders might diversify their investment portfolio. The FX market is highly anticipated globally because almost all the currencies available are traded here. Therefore, the forex market can be identified through different sessions divided according to different markets, and each session has its varied level of liquidity. The most active and liquid time is when the US morning session imbricates with the London/European session. This session approximately estimates at more than 50% of the global volume traded daily.

What to Consider When Choosing a Liquidity Provider

Luckily, at Phantom Trading we cover these concepts in-depth and provide the support you’ll need to not only grasp them, but master them. Alternatively, it can also be targeted and used by a BFI to fuel a move and help to push price in the direction they originally intended as to manipulate price in order to profit from a position they’ve built. If you are just starting out on your trading journey, it is essential to understand the basics. The offers that appear in this table are from partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation. Investopedia does not include all offers available in the marketplace.

The forex market enjoys greater liquidity than all others in the financial market. However, sometimes, unexpected world events and economic news can cause a drop in liquidity. The cost of trading can increase due to wider spreads once this occurs.

These liquidity providers can assist the market in various ways thanks to their business models and capacities. When a trader enters a position, they take the opposite side to ensure that this order is filled. Most traders avoid them because of the conflict of interest presented by such a trade, but they are also liquidity providers. Major participants in the market contribute to liquidity by trading in high volume. These players include investments firms, mutual funds, hedge funds, retail forex brokers and traders, and high net worth individuals.


Forex high liquidity refers to a pair of currencies traded in considerable amounts without significant variations in their price level or exchange rate. Retail forex traders need to manage these liquidity risks by either lowering their leverage or making use of guaranteed stops whereby the broker is obligated to honour your stop price level. Excluding accounts receivable, as well as inventories and other current assets, it defines liquid assets strictly as cash or cash equivalents.

To avoid or “hedge” against foreign exchange rate fluctuations from when a transaction is initiated and when payment is received. The U.S. dollar is the medium of exchange for many cross-border transactions. Also called “petrodollars.” So if Japan wants to buy oil from Saudi Arabia, it can only be bought with the U.S. dollar. If Japan doesn’t have any dollars, it has to sell its yen first and buy U.S. dollars.

These liquidity zones or pools are often in the forms of supports and resistances. This is where you expect the price to reverse from and fill the gap. And when they happen, they hardly leave without creating trading opportunities. The bid/ask spread is the difference between the bid and ask price.

The exchange rate is easily affected by commodity prices as Australia relies heavily on raw materials. The pair trades $250billion per day and is the fifth most liquid. So in the forex market, liquidity pertains to a currency pair’s ability to be bought and sold without causing a significant change in its exchange rate. For example, there might be less liquidity on CHF currency pairs during Asian trading hours. Compared to European trading hours, the spreads would be wider. If we compare the forex market with the Futures Exchange or the US equity market, we will see fewer gaps in the forex market than the other two.

ATFX Names Industry Expert ‘Chris James’ as Head of Liquidity Management – Finance Magnates

ATFX Names Industry Expert ‘Chris James’ as Head of Liquidity Management.

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financial literacy for millennials assets, however, can be easily and quickly sold for their full value and with little cost. Companies also must hold enough liquid assets to cover their short-term obligations like bills or payroll or else face a liquidity crisis, which could lead to bankruptcy. Cash is the most liquid of assets, while tangible items are less liquid. The two main types of liquidity include market liquidity and accounting liquidity. CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage.

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